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High Five - British English Edition - Volume 1 - Issue 3High Five - British English Edition - Volume 1 - Issue 5

High Five - British English Edition - Volume 1 - Issue 4

High Five - British English Edition - Volume 1 - Issue 4

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Autor: Christine French Cully
ISBN: 40121-2015-008-0
Precio: €2.00

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H5 2010 Kathleen
Welcome to Highlights High Five™

They may be small—but they’re
growing and changing every day.
They’re energetic, with developing
muscles that demand movement.

They’re little scientists—naturally

curious, always experimenting and asking questions
to try to make sense of the world. High-spirited and
talkative, they are eager to learn and eager to please.
Kids in early childhood are a joy!
We know you want to make the most of these early
years with the children you love. Highlights High Five
can help. Based on sound educational principles and
widely accepted child-development theories, it’s
designed to be used in early childhood classrooms
and, especially, in the home, because parents are a
child’s first and most influential teachers.
These early years, when learning and fun go
hand in hand, are so important. We hope that our
monthly mix of read-aloud stories and poems and
age-appropriate puzzles and activities will provide
hours of Fun with a Purpose™ and help develop a
lifelong love of learning.


Kathleen Hayes, Editor

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