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All Kinds of Birthdays (AUDIO - EBOOK)AMISTAD Media Book

All Quiet on the Western Front (Audio - EBOOK)

All Quiet on the Western Front (Audio - EBOOK)

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ISBN: 40784-2013-732-9
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by Erich Maria Remarque

Retold by Tony Evans

Illustrated by Sarah Wimperis

‘There is a whistling sound behind us. Shells pass overhead and explode in a sheet of flame a hundred meters away.’

When Paul Büumer and his classmates join the army, nothing has prepared them for the death and destruction that they witness. Machine guns, huge artillery shells and poison gas create a nightmare world for these young men and their older comrades.

For months and years attack is followed by counter–attack. Will any of Paul’s friends survive long enough to return to their families and loved ones? Will there be a place for them at home, when peace finally comes?

Can any of these soldiers make sense of the massive conflict in which they are involved?

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