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AN INTRODUCTION TO OPERATING SYSTEMS: Concepts and Practice - GNAna Hides the Truth (AUDIO - EBOOK)


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Primarily intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of psychology, the book aims to provide a succinct yet reasonably compre-hensive account of psychological measurement techniques (psychometry) in a single volume.

Written in a lucid style with the author’s rich teaching experience, the book focuses on the technique of development and use of psychological tests and scales. It also describes essential features and steps to be followed in constructing a psychological test.

The book, divided into three parts, covers psychophysical methods, psychological scaling and test methods, and some elementary but essential statistical concepts used in the measurement and interpretation of psychological test data.

Besides psychology students, the book will also be useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students of education, and professionals in the field of psychology and education.



List of Figures

Part I: Nature and Historical Development of Measurement and Psychophysical and Psychological Scaling Methods

Chapter 1      The Nature of Psychological Measurement

Chapter 2      The Early History of Psychological Measurement

Chapter 3      The Psychophysical Methods

Chapter 4      The Psychological Scaling Methods

Chapter 5      The Rating Techniques

Part II: Nature and Construction of Psychological Tests

Chapter 6      Psychological Testing Methods

Chapter 7      Constructing a Psychological Test

Chapter 8      The Reliability of a Psychological Test

Chapter 9      Validity of a Psychological Test

Chapter 10   Item Analysis

Chapter 11   The Use and Interpretation of Test Scores

Chapter 12   Miscellaneous Techniques

Part III: Some Simple Statistical Indices Used in Psychological Measurement

Chapter 13   Measures of Central Tendency of Scores

Chapter 14   Measures of Variations of Scores

Chapter 15   Measures of Association (Correlation) between Scores on Variables

Chapter 16   Graphic Representation of Test Data

Chapter 17   The Normal Probability Curve (NPC)

Chapter 18   Tests of Significance of Some Statistics




Author Name  RAMAMURTI, P.V. 
About Author 

P.V. Ramamurti, PhD, Professor and Dean of Social and Behavioural Sciences and Honorary Director, Centre for Research on Aging, Department of Psychology, SV University, Tirupati. He was a Fulbright Fellow at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles (1983), a visiting Fellow at The Max Planck Institute, Berlin (1989), a consultant to the United Nations (1998–2002) and a visiting faculty for international training programme at the United Nations International Institute on Aging, Malta (since 1998).

A distinguished teacher and researcher in psychology, Dr. Ramamurti has been a member of UGC and Board of Studies of many universities that enabled him to structure syllabi and understand the needs of students across the country.

Dr. Ramamurti has guided a number of research scholars, directed more than 20 projects and has published seven books and about 160 research articles in national and international journals of repute. He is the recipient of several awards including the Basu Medal (API), Award of Excellence (Elders Forum), Lifetime Achievement Award (AGI) and The Swamy Pranavananda Award in Psychology. He is a fellow of the National Academy of Psychologists.


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